Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group is an advanced aesthetic education  beauty group in Columbus, Ohio. We are committed to providing Aestheticians, Cosmetologists & Barbers with the knowledge needed to succeed within their sector of the beauty industry while working within their scope of practice.  We specialize in teaching results oriented skincare techniques.

Edgar Renee' Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group strives to provide the best professional education. We proudly offer classes 7 days a week. It would be impossible to publish and keep up with all these dates online; so if you don't see a date or time you need, give us a call and we will get a class scheduled for you!

Seven Hour C.E. Classes 2018~2019


Understanding Electrotherapy

The objective with this class is to effectively train the skin care professional in popular electrotherapy procedures. Learn about direct and alternating currents. We will cover high frequency and galvanic procedure and how to use these currents for desincrustation/anaphoresis, iontophoresis and the phonophoresis and cataphoresis process. Understand how these machines can be utilized to heal and treat skin during many different salon procedures. We will cover the pressurized sprayer and vacuum suction and how to apply these to the skin. We will briefly cover other topics such as the magnifying lamp and types of steamers as well as ultrasound and microcurrent.


5 C.E. Hour Class  Regular $200

5  C.E. Hour Class with 5 in 1 Machine $680

Class Time: 8am-1pm

Class Dates:

Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair. Approved by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, you will receive a kit with 15 blades and learn how to effectively treat skin before and after dermaplaning procedures.  

5 C.E. Hour Class $380

Class Times: 8am-1pm

Class dates:

2/03/19 Class Full




 Advanced Chemical Peeling Methods

We will provide the skin care professional with knowledge of glycolic, salicylic, lactic acid, the Jessner's peel and more.

Learn what the contraindications and indications are, what benefits peels provide, who is a candidate and how to administer them safely and effectively. You will also learn the new preferred methods of chemical peeling  for acne, rosacea and many other skin conditions. The skin care professional will learn how to apply  chemical peeling techniques professionally for the best possible results. You will also be able to determine which skin types are candidates for the procedure.

Register for this unique hands on course. 

5 C.E. Hour Class $200

Class Time: 8am-1pm

Class Dates:


Detoxifying & Purifying Techniques
The skin care professional will receive theory of the lymphatic system and practical training on lymphatic drainage of the face. This class will help you understand the functions, common disorders and how to improve the health of the client through lymphatic drainage. You will know the indications and contraindications. This is a great adjunct to facial treatments for clients after cosmetic surgery or who have non inflamed acne and edema. This is a hands-on class for manual lymphatic drainage.
5 Hours 


Esthetic Fundamentals

You will learn in depth knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of this complex system. Learn how to correctly analyze the skin using both the Fitzpatrick and Rubins' classification, recommend in salon treatment solutions as well as an at home program for clients. Without thorough knowledge of the skin one cannot advise their clients on how to maintain the health of their skin appropriately.

5 Hours


 Treating Darker Fitzpatrick's

Learn to treat all skin types from around the globe. Find out what makes different ethnicity's skin structure unique. You will learn the truth about skins texture, tone and race factors. You will learn to pick the correct treatment and products  for skin with pigment.

You will also learn the different causes of hyperpigmentation, the modalities and treatment protocol's that can be used to help treat it, and the home care products that can help maintain the benefits of the treatments given.

This is a hands-on class.

5 Hour Class $200

Class Times: 8am-1pm

Class dates: 

Acne Specialist

You will become trained to recognize different degrees of acne and know when to treat the client and when to refer to a physician. You will learn disincrustation and  how to correctly extract with and without tools. Learn how and when to use a lancet.  You will also gain an understanding of the causes of acne and how to assist clients in the clinic by choosing and performing the correct treatment procedure and  how to recommend the appropriate home care. Class comes with lancets,extraction kit and sharps container.



5 Hours


Class Time: 8am-1pm

Class dates:   

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