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Online Live Classes & Courses 

The live online classes can be taken by Estheticians, Nurses, & Barbers .Online classes will be offered weekly. Please see schedule or call to book. Once you purchase the class we will reach out to you to schedule your class ,and send you your class zoom link and appropriate documents that will be discussed. 

The online class schedule for the summer will be:


June online class schedule


6/12 Skin conditions 8-1 p

6/12 Sanitation 2-7p

6/19 deep Cleansing 8-1p

6/19 High Frequency 8-1p

6/25 Understanding the Fitzpatrick Scale 8-1p

6/26 Treating Hyperpigmentation 8-1p


July online class schedule


7/5 Cosmetician Course 10-4p

7/9 Aesthetic Fundamentals 8-1p

7/10 Deep Cleansing Techniques 8-1p

7/10 Sanitation 2-7p

7/16 Skin Conditions 8-1p

7/17 Cosmetic Ingredient Knowledge 8-1p

7/19 Cosmetician 10-4p

7/23 High Frequency Techniques 8-1p

7/24 Acne Specialist 8-1p

7/30 Skin Conditions 8-1p

7/31 Facial Massage 8-1p


August In-Person class schedule


8/2 Cosmetician 10-4p

8/6 Dermaplaning 8-1p 

8/7 Microdermabrasion 8-1p

8/7 Sanitation ( online) 2-7p

8/13 Chemical Peel 8-1p

8/13 Relaxation Massage 8-1p

8/16 Cosmetician 10-4p

8/20 Aesthetic Fundamentals 8-1

8/21 Deep Cleansing Technique 8-1 p

8/27 Microchanneling 8-1 p

8/28 Treating Aging Skin 8-1p

8/28 Microcurrent 8-1p

8/30 Cosmetician 8-1p

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