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Edgar Renee's Vision 

For us, producing  quality professional esthetic education is simply not enough. Edgar Renee' is dedicated to making the beauty industry a better place. We were the first professional advanced beauty education company of its kind in Ohio. We continue to strive to be the standard in our industry. A commitment to caring for people through strengthening professionals is a driving force in everything we do. 





 Our mission is to provide an opportunity to achieve a quality  education for those who have the ability to benefit from the programs.  Our primary goal is to train professionals to successfully  become thinkers that help and heal the skin instead of just a servicer.

We will instruct you how to add advanced services to your menu through education. It is Edgar Renee's goal to develop each professional with the education and practical experience necessary for advanced services in the esthetics field.

Edgarenee's  Mission

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